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Origins of this web site

Sutton Poyntz had decided that it needed a website, particularly as a way of distributing the wealth of information that was being generated by its Biodiversity and History Groups, which had started work as a result of recommendations in the Sutton Poyntz Village Plan produced in 2007.

In September 2009, the History Group produced an experimental website, in which maps of the village were used as a means of navigation to find much of the historical information that had been collected by the Group. It was clear that this map-based approach could be used to find other types of information, such as observation records collected by the Biodiversity Group.

The South Dorset Ridgeway Heritage Project had already been working with various Sutton Poyntz teams, and had hoped to fund a Village Map. When the Ridgeway Heritage Project saw the experimental website, they realised (much quicker than the Sutton Poyntz villagers) the potential power of this map-based approach to a village website; they called it a Web-Map, and offered to support a bid to fund the initial development of the website. The bid was submitted and approved, allowing the website to be

 The Sutton Poyntz Society appointed a Web Group to manage the development of the website. The Web Group produced a set of requirements, and contracted

to carry out the initial design and development. Web Choice UK, working closely with the Sutton Poyntz Web Group, produced a page layout for the site, selected appropriate technology, produced the initial set of pages, with menus linking the pages, and implemented examples of maps, rotating images, animation, etc. The Sutton Poyntz Web Group offer their immense gratitude to Web Choice UK for their excellent work.

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Except where specifically marked, all of the photographs of Sutton Poyntz and its locality included in this site are available for reuse under a Creative Commons Licence. Some of the images have been used here under this licence - in particular we wish to thank Andrew Smith for his beautiful photograph of the duck pond that we have used on the Home Page, and John Goldsmith for his photograph from above Spring Bottom, used as the backdrop for the Village Map pages.

Other images used in the site come from villagers, and are available under the same Creative Commons Licence.


As stated above, images on this website are available for re-use under Creative Commons Licence except where otherwise marked. The text in this website is the copyright of the Sutton Poyntz Society - please Contact us if you wish to copy or re-use this material.