This page contains information on events and activities run by the Biodiversity Group


Village Walks.

The term walk is used loosely as sometimes there is not much walking involved.  It is an opportunity to explore the natural world in and around the village. The next walk will be



Look out for posters around the village



News about walks will appear on posters around the village and on the Village Calendar.


Garden Bird Watch.

Usually during the last week of the month, we ask you to keep a lookout in the gardens in your neighbourhood for birds, making a note of the numbers.  Enter them onto a spreadsheet provided and return them to the Editor at the end of the week.

Once a month a Newsletter is circulated along with recording forms.

If you like taking wildlife pictures we try to use them.

To take part, contact John Newbould on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Other activities.

During the summer months various activities take place such as moth trapping and butterfly counting.

Details will appear here and on the Village Calendar.