The Home Page has a small sub-window designed for notices on forthcoming events, or other important news. At present this can only be edited by a Site Administrator.

To edit this, click on the Extensions menu, and select Module Manager. Now click on Forthcoming event notice.

This opens an editor page showing the current contents of this event notice. The notices are held in a simple one-column table. There is room for a maximum of four lines of text - each line needs to be quite short. N.B. To save space, use SHIFT-ENTER rather than ENTER to add a line. We have found that it looks most effective if the text is all centre-justified.

Enter any new or changed text, which will typically consist of the name of an event and a date. You will probably want to turn the event name into a link.

  • To link to a calendar event page, you will need already to have created the calendar event. In another browser window, open the calendar event page, and select and copy the page's address from the browser's address window. This will look something like e.g. You can remove the leading from this. Now, in the editor, select the text you want to act as a link, and click the Link button. Paste the address of the calendar event page into the box labelled URL. Set Target to "Same Window". Click the OK button.
  • You can link to other pages, either in the Sutton Poyntz website or in other sites, in the normal way.

Click the Save & Close button when you have completed the edit, or the Close button to abandon your changes.