STOP PRESS - We have just heard (13th February 2015) the wonderful news that the County Council will fund the purchase of the replacement seat, from its 2015/2016 "Councillor grant" fund. We are most grateful to David Mannings, our County Councillor, for making this possible. We still need to raise money to fund the installation of the seat, and if you would like to help, please contact us or make a donation at the Springhead pub (see below). We expect the seat to be delivered early in the summer.

At the top of one of the paths climbing the Ridgeway out of the village has stood a stone seat, looking out over Weymouth Bay and Portland, inscribed with the single word "Margaret". This is a memorial to Margaret Hobson, who lived in Preston but greatly loved the walks on the hills above Sutton Poyntz.

Inscription on Margaret's Seat


Margaret's Seat

View from seat over Sutton Poyntz and Preston

Sadly, a bit over a year ago the seat back was dislodged from the seat, probably pushed over initially by cattle. Since then, despite attempts at repair, the seat has been damaged much more severely, with the back and seat both in about 3 pieces.

A number of locals have suggested that this much-loved landscape feature should be restored. Restoration of the original is now not possible, so a repacement seat will need to be commissioned, hopefully in a design that is completely cattle-proof.


The Sutton Poyntz Society has offered to coordinate the fund-raising that will be needed to replace Margaret's Seat. We have obtained agreement from the Hobson family and the landowner, and will shortly start an appeal to raise the money, and then to have the new stone seat cut and installed.

We need to raise about £2000 in all for a cattle-proof replacement. We hope that some funding might be available from County Council funds, but much of it will need to come from donations by those who have enjoyed this lovely memorial.

If you would like to contribute, you will find a collecting box in the Springhead pub in Sutton Poyntz.