Every year, in early August, the village runs a Scarecrow Competition. Villagers build scarecrows in July, and visitors vote for the winner, with the result being announced at the village Vegetable Show.

Voting slips, with a map of the scarecrow entries, can be obtained from the Pub. All proceeds go to Waves, which is an advice centre for children and young people, run by The Children's Society. So please be generous with your donations when you get your voting slip.

Here are the Scarecrows in 2012 - click here to see the scarecrows around the village in other years; 20142010 and 2011. As you can see, the word 'scarecrow' is interpreted a bit loosely - Sutton Poyntz villagers are an imaginative lot!

Here is this year's winner, with photos of all the other entries below. The Scarecrow Competition and Vegetable Show raised over £200 for Waves - thank you, everyone.

STOP PRESS! The winner of the 2014 Competition was number 10, the knight. Photos will follow very soon. The competition made just over £250 this year. Well done to all competitors and visitors for an outstanding effort.

This year's winning scarecrow
The winning scarecrow in 2012.
Well done, Dave and Mo.

All the 2012 scarecrows:

No 1

No 2 - G4S at work!

No 3 - First again Philip

No 4 - Hallo Sailor

No 5 - "Darset Sin Crone Eyed Swimmen"

No 6 - Synchronized Swimming Team

No 7 - No swimming allowed

No 8 - Go, Ben, Go

No 9 - The hare and the tortoise

No number - scarecrow gone to see Olympics!

No 10 - Scarecrow sack race

No 11 - Laser lights 24/7

No 12

No 13 - Yellow jersey

No 14 - Scarecrow for all seasons

No 15 - Pierre de Coubertin

No 16 - Olympic reject!

No 17 - High diving scarecrow

No 18 - Security guard, covered in ...!

No 19 - Official wind source

No 20 - torch carrying scarecrow

No 21 - Synchronized swimming

No 22 - sail-boarding scarecrow

No 23 - Tae Kwon Do

No 24 - Bradley Wiggins

No 25 - Pirate

No 26 - Daley diving

No 27 - Burgar Bill