The calendar displays a list of village events. Events are categorised so that events for a single venue or a single organisation can be displayed. As an author, you should have write access to the calendar, whereby you can add new events, or alter the details (date, time, venue or other information) or delete events you previously created.

Events can be one-off, with a single start date/time and end date/time (which need not be on the same day as the start). Events do not have to have a start and end time - they can be "whole day" events or can just be given a start time. The calendar can also manage repeating events - events that happen regularly every week or every month.

Further details of how to manage one-off events is given in the following links:

Guidance is given in the following links on the management of repeating events:


A number of event categories are defined, for the various village organisations; each category has a distinctive colour which generally identifies the place (Mission Hall, Scutt Hall, etc.) where that organisation has most of its events. If necessary, you can add a category for your organisation, so that visitors to the website can easily find events relating to your organisation.


The Home Page contains a small area for notices on forthcoming events or latest news.