To create a single event in the village calendar:

  • In the Components menu, click JEvents to open the JEvents Control Panel;
  • Click Manage Events to display a list of all events currently in the calendar. The default is not to display past events, but this can be changed using the Hide past events control; you can also filter just to see events of a single category;
  • Click New to open the Event Editor;
  • Give the event a short Title - the first 15 characters of this title will be displayed in the calendar, so the title must be brief and to the point;
  • Specify the category for the event using the drop-down menu. It is possible to create an event category for your organisation, but this is discouraged;
  • Leave the Access level and State as they are;
  • If you want, use the text editor to create a description of the event, which will be available to visitors in an event details page. This description can include pictures and links but please see the note below;
  • Specify a location for the event;
  • If you want, give contact details for the event;
  • Ignore the box for extra information, which follows the event description on the details page;
  • Now click the Calendar tab, to enter date/time information for the event;
  • Most events will have a start time, and probably also an end time. If you want, click the All day event or unspecified time box or the No specific end time box as appropriate;
  • Enter a start date and an end date for the event, and if needed the start time and end time. The event's end must be after its start;
  • If the event is part of a repeating series, follow this link for guidance on creating a repeating series of events;
  • Now click the Save & Close button (you can click the Save button when you like to save what you have done so far but continue editing).

Note that if the event you want to create is similar to one already in the calendar, it may be easier to go to the Events Manager (as above), click the select box next to the existing event, and click the Copy+Edit button. This creates a new event, initially with the same details as the old event. You can now edit the date/time and any other information that needs to be altered.

N.B. Inserting pictures and links in an event description: For reasons that are not currently understood, the editor buttons that are supposed to allow you to insert an image or a document link do not work for event descriptions. The solution is not very elegant: You need to go to an ordinary article (perhaps using New Article) and use the image or document link button there to create the image (or document link). Select the image (or document link) and type CTRL-C or use the Copy button to copy it. Exit the article editor without saving. Now return the the event and use CTRL-V to paste the image (or document link).