The calendar package, JEvents, provides a clever mechanism for creating calendar events that repeat to some regular pattern (for example weekly or monthly). To create such a repeating series of events, you first need to create the first event, following the guidance on creating a one-off event, but not clicking the Save & Close button until after you have set up the repeats.

Now, in the Repeat type section of the Calendar tab (illustrated below), you can set the events to repeat dailyweeklymonthly or yearly. The illustration below shows the options when Monthly is selected. In each case, you can set the Repeat interval (how many days, weeks, months or years between successive events); you can also set the Repeat count (number of events in total) or the date of the last event (Repeat until).

For monthly repeats, as shown here, various repeat options are provided:

  • you can specify the day of the month (By Month Day), either counting forward from the start of the month or back from the end. So you could for example set an event to be on the 5th of every month, or 7 days before the end of every month. You can specify a list of dates, separated by commas - so specifying "7,22" will set the event for the 7th and 22nd of every month;
  • alternatively, you can set the repeats by day of the month (By Day); you can specifiy the day or days of the week that the event taks place on and also the week or weeks of the month (the weeks can also be counted forwards or backwards). The example illustrated below has the event on the first Friday of every month, for a total of 6 months.

For weekly repeats, you can say which day (or days) of the week the event will recur on, allowing you for example to set an event for every Monday and Thursday, or for Tuesday every other week.

For daily repeats, you just specify the Repeat interval and Repeat count or Repeat until.

For yearly repeats, specify the day of the year, counting forwards from January 1st or backwards from December 31st. A number of such days can be specified as a list of numbers separated by commas.