Events in the village calendar can be assigned to a category, which identifies the venue as follows:

Mission Hall Red
Springhead Light blue
Scutt Hall Green
Other venues Dark blue

For each venue, sub-categories identify one-off events, which use a strong colour to highlight them, monthly events (weak colour) or weekly events (shown in grey).

It is possible, but discouraged, to create a category for a single organisation:

  • In the Components menu, click JEvents to open the JEvents Control Panel;
  • Click Manage Categories to display a list of all categories currently used by the calendar;
  • Click New to open the Category Editor;
  • Provide a title for the category - this should be a short name of the organisation;
  • Provide a parent for the category - this should be the main venue that the organisation uses;
  • In the Options tab, click Choose colour and select the colour that is appropriate for the venue;
  • Click the Save & Close button.