Events in the village calendar can be assigned to a category, which will either be the venue or the organisation that runs the event. Categories have been created for four main venues - each venue has been given a colour, to distinguish the venue in the village calendar. The main venues are as follows:

Mission Hall Red
Scutt Memorial Hall Brown
Preston Village Hall Blue
Church Rooms Green

Events at other venues are assigned to the venue called "Other", and shown in grey.

It is anticipated that categories for organisations will be given the same colour as the venue that the organisation usually uses - so, for example, events for the Sutton Poyntz WI will be shown in red, since they usually meet at the Mission Hall.

To create a new category for your organisation:

  • In the Components menu, click JEvents to open the JEvents Control Panel;
  • Click Manage Categories to display a list of all categories currently used by the calendar;
  • Click New to open the Category Editor;
  • Provide a title for the category - this should be a short name of the organisation;
  • Provide a parent for the category - this should be the main venue that the organisation uses;
  • In the Options tab, click Choose colour and select the colour that is appropriate for the venue;
  • Click the Save & Close button.