Most of the detailed formatting of the calendar's month and event views are managed by CSS files that are part of JEvents; these can be edited, but this is outside the intended scope of this Guidance. There are a number of ways in which Site Administrators can edit the views usefully and reasonably easily, as follows:

Text before and after the Calendar

It is possible to add text before and after the calendar display. This facility has been used to display a Contact-Us email link at the bottom of every calendar page. The text to be displayed before and after the Calendar is held in two Modules called "Calendar Header Notice" and "Calendar Footer Notice", which are connected to logical positions, defined by the JEvents software, called jevprejevents and jevpostjevents. "Calendar Footer Notice" contains a Contact-Us message; by linking this module to jevpostevents, the Contact-Us message is displayed at the bottom of every calendar page. To create or edit text to be displayed above or below the Calendar:

  • Click Modules in the Extensions drop-down menu;
  • Find and click Calendar Header Notice (or Calendar Footer Notice as required);
  • Edit the message as required, and click Save & Close.

JEvents provide a number of other logical positions that allow text to be displayed, for example, above just the calendar's month view. To add text of this sort:

  • Click Modules in the Extensions drop-down menu;
  • Click New;
  • Select Custom;
  • Give the new Module a suitable Title;
  • Choose (in Show Title) whether this Title is to be displayed or not;
  • Enter the text, images, links etc. that you want displayed;
  • Click in Position, type in the logical position (for example jevprejevents), and click the Enter key;
  • Click Save & Close.

Customising calendar layout

JEvents offers a quite outstanding ability to customise the layout of the various calendar displays. This facility is found by clicking the Custom layouts button in the JEvents control panel (found by clicking JEvents in the Components drop-down menu). The Event Details layout has been set (with appropriate CSS styling) so the event title is displayed like other page headers in the website. Various other layouts can be altered if desired.

As well as being able to set the layout, the contents can be specified, and JEvents provides a number of identifiers which can be selected so as to include, for example, the start and/or end time, location, contact name, etc.

To amend the CSS styling definitions that are used by the JEvents calendar pages, go to the JEvents control page (as above), and click the Custom CSS) button.