Only Site Administrators have access to edit the page template, which defines the format and styles used for all pages in the site. Editing the template is a task that requires quite considerable knowledge of PHP, HTML and CSS, so is a job for an expert.

The template used to display webpages on this site is called spatomic - it was originally derived from one of the Joomla standard templates called Atomic, but has evolved a long way from its origins.

The template consists of a number of styles, all based on the same template definition files, but distinguished from one another by having different Watermark images as background.

To control and edit the template, select Templates from the Extensions menu. The Template Manager has two tabs, Templates and Styles, which respectively allow the spatomic template and its styles to be edited.


Regular changes

At Christmas, we generally modify the Home Page so that it has holly. This is done by editing the spatomic template's index.php file, so that it refers to wholy-scroll-xmas.png, rather than wholy-scroll.png. A comment in the file shows where this is done.

At Street Fayre time, we modify the home page show that it displays a Street Fayre picture. This is done by editing the spatomic Home Page style, so that file bkg_home.css loads hm-bg_streetfayre.jpg rather than hm-bg.jpg.