The SPatomic template used by this website has a number of styles, each style being connected to one of the top-level groupings of pages (village maps, events & venues, etc.), and distinguished by its own Watermark image.

In the Template Manager, click the Styles tab to see a list of the sub-styles of the spatomic template; there is one style for each section (as defined in templateDetails.xml above). Click one of these style names to edit it.

  • In the Advanced tab, you can specify the section (i.e. the logical group of webpages) to which this style will be applied. Do not try to use Background image to modify the background for this set of pages - that is done by the appropriate bkg_xxx.css file (see above);
  • In the Menus assignment tab, you can specify which pages will use this style. Pages are listed via Menu lists, so some pages appear several times, in different menus; you need to make sure that every reference to a page is ticked in order to ensure that the page appears in this style.