Logging in

To log in, you need to go to http://suttonpoyntz.org.uk/administrator.

You will be asked there for a username and password, which you should have been given. Enter these, and click the Login button. This takes you into the site "back end", from which the website can be controlled and written.

You will be taken initially to the Control Panel page, which for most users will look similar to the following illustration (site administrators have additional options in their Control Panel):

From this Control Panel, you can use the menus at the top of the page to access all the site control and authoring functions that you will need. In practice, for most purposes the two functions that you will use most are both accessed via the Content menu. These are:

  • Article Manager - which takes you to a page from which you can access the web pages you are responsible for, in order to edit their content.
  • Media Manager - which allows you to add imagery that you want to display on your web pages, and files that you want page users to be able to view.

The Add New Article command, also accessed from the Content menu, allows you to create a new web page. You can edit it to add all the text, images, links etc. that you want it to have, but please be aware that before the page will display properly, various other things need to be done that only site Administrators have access to. Please contact the Site Administrator when a page is ready to be published.

You may also wish to add or edit an event in the village Calendar. This can be done via the JEvents command in the Components menu (JEvents is the software we use to manage the Calendar).


Access rights

Different users have different access rights to the site's back end.

  • If you are an Author, you will be able to create and edit pages within the part of the site that you have been given responsibility for.
  • If you are a site Manager or Administrator, you have additional access rights.

If you try to access a page or function that you do not have access rights to, you will be advised of the fact. 


Logging out

To log out, click the Logout button at the bottom of the window. You will find that this button is disabled while you are editing the site contents. Quit the editor by clicking the Save & Close button (to save your work) or the Close button (to quit without saving) - you will then be able to click the Logout button.