Having created a Menu, and then created a Joomla Module for the menu, you now need to ensure that this menu is displayed on the right web pages. This can only be done by a Site Administrator:

If you are not already in the Module Editor:

  • In the Extensions drop-down menu, click Modules to enter the Module Manager;
  • In the list of Modules, find the one corresponding to this Menu;
  • Click on that Module Name, to enter the Module Editor;

Select the Module Assignment tab. You will now see a list of Menus, and for each Menu, a list of links to webpages in the Sutton Poyntz site. You need to tick every link in these lists that goes to a page on which you want to display this menu:

  • For each Menu name in turn, make sure the list of page links for that menu is displayed;
  • In this list of page links, ensure that all those links to pages where you want this menu to be displayed are ticked, and that all other links are left clear;
  • When you have completed this, click Save & Close.