A Menu consists of a number of links, normally to pages in the Sutton Poyntz website. To edit the links (which are known as 'items') in a menu:

First, find and open the item list for the menu you want to edit:

  • In the “Menus” drop-down menu, click the name of the required menu;
  • This takes you to the Menu Item Manager, which lists the items already in the menu.

Now follow the following guidance:

  • To add a link to the menu click here.
  • To delete a link from the menu:
    • Select the check box next to the item’s name, and click the Trash button. You can actually delete the trashed item by clicking the Select Status filter and selecting Trashed, and then clicking Empty Trash.
  • To change a link's name, or the linked page click here.
  • To change the order of links in a menu click here.
  • To create a copy of a link (N.B. it's often easier to create a new link by copying an existing link and editing its details, rather than adding a new link):
    • Open the item as if to edit it;
    • Click the Save as Copy button and then edit its details.