A Menu consists of a number of links, normally to pages in the Sutton Poyntz website. To add a link to any menu other than the Main Menu or the Guidance to Authors menu:  

  • First, open the item list for the menu, and then click the New button to create a new item (i.e. link);
  • Click in the Menu Item Type box, select System Link and then Menu Item Alias (you will need to scroll down to find this option). N.B. the instructions here are for adding a link to a web page. You can add links to other types of items, such as a calendar page - these are more specialist operations for which we have not provided guidance;
  • In Menu Item, scroll down in the drop-down list, to find and select the entry you have already created for this page in the Main Menu (or in one of the special purpose menus):
  • Give the new item a Menu Title; this should be quite short, no more than about 20 characters;
  • You do not need to set the Alias, asJoomla will set for you; however to ensure that the alias is meaningful, it may be sensible to insert a string similar to the Menu Title, in lower case, with spaces replaced by hyphens;
  • If this is to be a second-level (or lower level) item, select its parent item in Parent Item, otherwise leave the parent as Menu Item Root;
  • Click the Save & Close button;

Remember that if you have added a page to a Top Menu, you may want then to ensure that the Top Menu appears on that page; click here for guidance on how to select where to display the Top Menu.