A Menu consists of a hierarchical list of links. To change the order of the links, you first need to open the item list for the menu in the Menu Item Manager, in order to view the links in their current order.

If you want to change the order of links at the same level:

  • Each link can be dragged and dropped in order to change the order. Pick up the link using the triple-dot symbol to the left of the item name, and move it using the mouse. N.B. For this, it is best not to display any menu entries at a lower level; go to Search Tools and use Select Max Levels.

If you want to change the parent of a link (i.e. to promote it it a higher level in the menu, or demote it to a lower level):

  • Click  the name of the link you want to move, to enter the Menu Item Editor;
  • If it is to be at the top level of the menu, set the parent in Parent Item as Menu Item Root;
  • If it is to be a second-level (or lower level) item, select its parent item in Parent Item.
  • Now click the Save & Close button.