All pages in the Sutton Poyntz website must have entries in either the Main Menu or one of the special purpose menus; without such an entry, the page will not appear in the Site Map, and also it will not be possible to create a link to the page from other pages. The Main Menu contains entries for all the pages intended for general access; the top two levels of the Main Menu are displayed as the Left Menu on every page in the website.

When a new page is created, it must be added as a new item to the Main Menu (or one of the special purpose menus), as follows:

  • Click on Main Menu (or other menu name if appropriate) in the Menus drop-down menu;
  • Click the New button;
  • Click in the Menu Item Type box, and select Single Article (found via the Articles option);
  • Click the Select Article button in order to find and select the new webpage;
  • Give the new item a short Menu Title; you do not need to set the Alias, which Joomla will set for you;
  • Click in Parent Item in order to specify where in the hierarchy of webpages this new page should sit;
  • Click the Save & Close page.

You can change the hierarchical order of links in the Main Menu (or other menu), by selecting the appropriate menu in the Menus drop-down menu to display a list of items in the menu. Now find the item you want to move in the menu list, and perform a drag-and-drop operation on the three-dot symbol next to the menu name (it is best not to have lower level items displayed when you do this, by clicking Search Tools and using Select Max Levels). If you wish to change the parent of some item, click the item name to enter the Menu Item Editor, where you can change the Parent Item.

If a page is no longer needed, open the appropriate menu list by clicking in the Menus drop-down menu. You can either trash the item or unpublish it, by selecting the box next to the item name, and clicking the appropriate button. To actually delete items that have been trashed, click in the Select Status filter box (found via Search Tools) to select Trashed items. You can then click Empty trash.