The pages in the Sutton Poyntz Ltd section of this website have restricted access (visible only to users in the Sutton Poyntz Limited user group). This adds an extra complexity to do with menus, which is described now.

To provide access to the restricted pages via a login page, Joomla requires that an extra 'hidden' menu be created. This hidden menu contains links to the restricted pages, which are themselves restricted access. This hidden menu, called in this instance "Sutton Poyntz Ltd hidden", is not itself displayed; instead, two visible menus have been created:

  • "Sutton Poyntz Ltd sitemap", which is displayed on the Site Map page, and
  • "Sutton Poyntz Ltd top", which is used as a Top Menu.

The links in these two, visible, menus are public access, but are aliased to the equivalent links in the hidden menu. This means that users can see the links, but when the user clicks on one of the links, Joomla is directed to the (restricted access) alias in the hidden menu, and knows that the user must log in. The login page is then displayed, before the user is allowed access to the page itself.

Fo reasons that I do not understand, the links in the "Sutton Poyntz Ltd hidden" menu are not available for creating links from other pages. This means that yet another menu had to be created, "Sutton Poyntz Ltd links" specifically for use when creating links between one page and another in the Sutton Poyntz Ltd section.

The impact is that new pages added to this section must be added to all four menus. The "Sutton Poyntz Ltd hidden" menu should be populated with a 'real' link, with restricted access. The "Sutton Poyntz Ltd links" menu should also be populated with real links, but with public access. The other two menus should be populated with links aliased to the "Sutton Poyntz Ltd hidden" menu entries, with public access.

In addition, when creating a new page in this section, do not forget to ensure that the appropriate top menu is displayed on the page, and also that the page is displayed with the appropriate watermark image. You will need to make sure that the entries for this new page are clicked for all four menus.