The Top Menu is displayed across the top of the page in the Sutton Poyntz website. The list of page links actually displayed in the Top Menu is context-dependent, containing links to pages closely related to the currently displayed page.

Because different parts of the site display different Top Menus, it is likely to be necessary to create new menus as the site expands and changes. In particular, because only two levels of page hierarchy can be displayed at any time in the Top Menu, when a new level of nesting of pages is created, that is likely to necessitate a new menu to be displayed as a Top Menu.

Creating the hierarchical list

To create a new menu, for display on selected pages:

  • Go to the Menu Manager, using the Menus drop-down menu or from the Control Panel;
  • Click New;
  • Give your new menu a title (a short descriptive name), and if you want a fuller description;
  • In Menu Type, you need to create a unique name for the menu without spaces (for example the Menu called "History" has a Menu Type "history-menu");
  • Click Save & Close.

You now need to populate the menu with page links.

Controlling where the menu is displayed

This final stage can only be done by a Site Administrator. At this stage, what you have created is simply a named list of links. For the menu to be displayed, you need to create a Module (which is a displayable Joomla entity) for this menu.

You finally need to ensure that this menu is displayed on the required pages.