The website is hosted by, who provide a number of quite sophisticated site administration facilities.

To access these facilities, go to, and click the "Control Panel" button. Enter your username (i.e. email address) and password.

The features provided are as follows:

  • Mail administration - Allows you to create or delete mail accounts, alter passwords, and set up automatic forwarding of messages;
  • Virus & spam - Gives you a level of internet security on the site's email accounts;
  • Password - Allows you to change your site administration password;
  • Owner details - Allows you to change information about the site administrator;
  • Subscription - Shows details about the site's subscription to the host provider (
  • (Photo Gallery - our site does not use this form of Photo Gallery);
  • (Web Creator - our site was not designed using this feature);
  • File Manager - gives you read/write access to the complete directory structure for the site on the host's server. USE WITH CARE!!! This can be used, for example, to upload images or documents into the images folders, or to carry out minor modifications to PHP code modules;
  • (Blog - our site does not include a Blog);
  • Statistics - provides summary and detailed information on page hits on the site;
  • Advanced - provides some global control on how the host interprets PHP code modules;
  • Advanced DNS - provides some global control on how domain names are handled;
  • (Google ad-words - our site does not subscribe to Google advertisements);
  • phpMyAdmin - Allows expert users to interact direct with the databases from which the site is constructed. USE WITH EXTREME CARE!!!!

Click Log out in the My account drop-down menu button to log out.

The "Support" button gives access to some good help on the facilities provided here.