For the purposes of this website, we have two types of Users:

  • Authors, responsible for writing and maintaining parts of the site;
  • Administrators, responsible for managing the structure and look of the site - the site Administrators are the members of the Sutton Poyntz Web Group.

The Sutton Poyntz Web Group is responsible for creating authors and administrators, and for allocating responsibilities, as follows:


Users can set a number of profile parameters including their password and their preference for editor.


Most of the website is publicly accessible, but the section for Sutton Poyntz Ltd has access available only for members of a Sutton Poyntz Ltd user group. Membership of this group is set by going to the User Manager, clicking a user's name to open their user profile, selecting the Assigned User Groups tab, and ticking the box next to Sutton Poyntz Ltd.