For the sake of site security, the Contact Us forms described below have now been scrapped - they were making it too easy for people to send us undesirable emails. The "Contact Us" links are now all of the form "mailto:URL" where URL is e.g. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. To create a new Contact Us link, it is necessary first to create (if needed) a new email account; then create Menu Items at appopriate positions in Main Menu and Main Menu compressed, of Type URL, and then enter the required email address in the URL box.

Contact Us forms can be created to allow visitors to the site to send emails to village groups (such as the Society or the Biodiversity Group). To create one of these forms, a Contact must first be created, with the email address to which these Contact Us emails are to be sent:

  • In the Components drop-down menu, select Contacts;
  • Click New;
  • Give the Contact a Name (for example Sutton Poyntz Society);
  • Specify the Email address to be used;
  • It is possible to specify text to be displayed below the Contact Us form; if this is required, enter the text in the Miscellaneous Information tab, and also set Miscellaneous Information to Show in the Display tab;
  • Click Save & Close.

It is now necessary to create a Menu Item associated with the new Contact:

  • Create a new Menu Item using New in the Menus list;
  • Give the new Menu Item a Name (for example Contact Society);
  • In Menu Item Type select Contact and then Single Contact;
  • In Select Contact, select the Contact that has just been created;
  • In Menu and Parent Item, specify which Menu this item is to be part of, and where it should appear in the menu (for example Main Menu, under "About the Society");
  • Click Save & Close.

If required, another "aliased" menu item can be created, linked to the Menu Item just created.

If required, specify the background that is to be displayed for this Contact Us page.

It is now possible to add a link to the Contact Us page in other pages.