Here is a list of the descendants of Sir Guy Bryan, lord Bryan. Lord Bryan bought the manor of Sutton Poyntz from Nicholas Poyntz, soon after the manor was restored to the Poyntz family in 1361, after the death of Matilda de Chaundos, to whom it had been granted as dowry when she remarried. Sutton Poyntz was then held by the descendants of Lord Bryan through four generations, before the line ran out and the manor (for reasons that are still not clear to us) went to John Newburgh of Winfrith and Lulworth. Primary references relating to each of these members of the Bryan family can be found by clicking the links below.

The key 'players' in this part of the Sutton Poyntz story are as follows (following standard genealogical sources):

  • Sir Guy de Bryan, Lord Bryan - Born in about 1309, and died in 1390. A member of a family that originally came from Devon (Tor Bryan), but also held land in Dorset (e.g. Hazelbury Bryan) and elsewhere. Succeeded his father (also Guy) in 1349. Lord Bryan was a close confidant of the king, and held a number of significant offices, including Admiral of the Fleet and Ambassador to the Pope. He seems to have been quite predatory in buying manors and wardships, and built up very valuable estates. He bought the manor of Sutton Poyntz in 1361.
  • William de Bryan - Second son of Lord Bryan, and the only son to have outlived Lord Bryan. William, however, seems to have been estranged from his father, and did not inherit the Bryan lands. In any case, William died in 1395 without heirs.
  • Philip de Bryan - Third son of Lord Bryan, but died in 1387 without having married.
  • Sir Guy de Bryan, "Guy the younger" - Oldest son of Lord Bryan ("Guy the older"), but died before his father, in 1386.
  • Alice de Bryan - Wife of "Guy the younger". Born Alice de Bures, an heiress in her own right, who inherited property in Essex and Suffolk. Alice outlived Guy by almost 50 years, dying in 1434, but (unusually for the time) did not remarry. Guy and Alice had two daughters, but no son. After Lord Bryan's death, many of his properties, including Sutton Poyntz, seem to have passed to Alice, either as guardian for her two daughters or in her own right.
  • Philippa Bryan - Older daughter of Guy the younger and Alice. Married twice: firstly to John Devereux (died 1396), son of a famous soldier and statesman, John Lord Devereux who died in 1394; and secondly to Henry, 3rd Baron Scrope of Masham (who succeeded his father Stephen in 1403, but was executed in 1415). Philippa died in 1406 without children. (References for the Devereux and Scrope families can be found at the end of this page). 
  • Elizabeth Lovell - Younger daughter of Guy the younger and Alice. Married to Sir Robert Lovell MP of Rampisham (second son of John, 5th Lord Lovell of Titchmarsh, who died 1408), and had one daughter, Maud. Robert Lovell died in 1434, and Elizabeth in 1437.
  • Maud Lovell - Daughter of Robert and Elizabeth Lovell, and only great-grandchild of Lord Bryan. Maud married twice, firstly to Sir Richard Stafford of Southwick in Wiltshire (died 1427, a son of Humphrey Stafford of Hooke and Southwick, known as Humphrey 'of the silver hand'. Accounts of this branch of the Stafford family are hard to find, but one interesting and fairly authoritative one can be found in "Wiltshire Notes and Queries", Volume 3, 1902. Ths reference states that Maud and Sir Richard had a son, Humphrey, who died in 1438 aged about 12. The family was descended fairly distantly from the Earls of Stafford). Maud's second husband was John FitzAlan, 14th earl of Arundel (who succeeded his father in 1421, and died 1435). Maud bore one daughter to her first husband, and one son to her second, and died in 1436. Her son, Humphrey FitzAlan, 15th earl of Arundel inherited the earldom at the age of 6, but then died in 1438 at the age of 9.
  • Avice Stafford - Daughter of Richard Stafford and Maud Lovell. In 1438, at the death of her step-brother Humphrey, Avice (known in some original references as Amicia) became the only living descendant of Lord Bryan, and heir to all of the de Bryan and de Bures estates. Avice married James Butler, 5th earl of Ormonde who was created earl of Wiltshire in 1449, and succeeded his father as earl of Ormonde in 1452. James and Avice had no children, so the Bryan line died out when Avice died in 1456. James was executed after the Battle of Towton in 1461. After the deaths of James and Avice, the ownership of Sutton Poyntz passed to the Newburgh family.