Consultation for our Neighbourhood Planning started with a Newsletter in February 2016, asking the village about the principle of trying to write a Neighbourhood Plan. As a result of this, and of discussions with Weymouth & Portland Borough, the Sutton Poyntz Society decided to apply to be made a Neighbourhood Forum, witha Neighbourhood Area covering the village and land around.

This application was approved in September 2016, but the Society had already created a Steering Group made up of volunteers, to manage the process of researching and writing the Neighbourhood Plan. We were therefore in a good situation to issue a Stage 1 Survey form in October 2016 to those living and working in the village. The survey form and our analysis of responses are available via a Consultation 1 page.

As a result of careful work by a number of subgroups working on the key themes that came out of the Stage 1 Consultation, a number of detailed questions emerged that needed to be put to the village before the Neighbourhood Plan itself could be drafted. These questions were assembled into a Stage 2 Survey form, which was distributed in December 2017 for response by those living and working in Sutton Poyntz, along with a Housing Needs Survey distributed one per household. More details on this consultation round can be found via a Consultation 2 page.