The first round of village consultation took place on October 2016, and asked villagers to tell us what they value about the village, what changes they would like, and what challenges and opportunities they think a Neighbourhood Plan ought to address. The Steering Group analysed the responses, and reported back to the village in a Newsletter in March 2017. As a result of this analysis, a number of "Key Themes" were identified that the Neighbourhood Plan needed to consider, and subgroups were created to carry out the analysis work on those key themes. In addition, it was decided to write a Place Appraisal; this is a document that records how the village is now (and how it came to be that way), and also identifies opportunities, options and challenges for the future development of the village.

From the analysis work done by all the theme subgroups, a number of important questions were identified where village opinion needed to be ascertained. So a second round of village consultation, asking much more detailed questions, was produced. This Stage 2 Consultation will take place between 1 December 2017 and 5 January 2018. A Newsletter was distributed in November 2017 advising villagers of this second round of consultation. In early December, a number of important documents will be published:

  • The Place Appraisal will be available at the village coffee morning on the morning of 1 December 2017 at the Mission Hall, and copies will then be available on loan from Steering Group members;
  • In the next few days after that, a Stage 2 Survey form will be delivered to all households and to places of work in the village, along with a covering Letter. This can be completed by any individual living or working in the village. Two copies will be distributed per household but additional copies will be available; we hope as many villagers as possible, including youngsters, will respond to this important survey;
  • A Housing Needs Survey will be delivered to all households. We ask any households to respond that believe they are likely to have a need for new housing (downsizing, upsizing, moving, new household units etc.) in the next 5 years. Just one form should be completed per existing household.

These documents can be obtained via the Documents page. The Place Appraisal document is available as a PDF file that can be viewed or downloaded for printing, or as an interactive document that can be downloaded and then viewed in your browser.

We hope the village will give us a really good response to this consultation exercise, so that the Neighbourhood Plan can be written with a sound understanding of village aspirations and wishes.