The Steering Group are collectively responsible for the research, consultation, and drafting that will lead to a Neighbourhood Plan for Sutton Poyntz. Current membership of the Steering Group is as follows:

  • Katrina Blee (Chairman)
  • Colin Marsh (Secretary)
  • Liz Brierley
  • Bill Davidson
  • Bill Egerton
  • Sue Elgey
  • Tony Ferrari
  • Sue Higham
  • Andy Hohne
  • Keith Hudson
  • Keith Johnson
  • Huw Llewellyn

There are a number of Subgroups responsible for progressing particular aspects of the Steering Group's work (names in brackets are former members of those Subgroups):

  • Biodiversity & the Natural Environment: Katrina Blee, Huw Llewellyn, Colin Marsh, Jack Winsper
  • Employment, Business & Tourism: Sue Higham, Andy Hohne
  • Heritage: Caroline Crisp, Bill Egerton, Jill Kelsey
  • Housing & Planning: John Bellis, Liz Brierley, John Crisp, Jez Cunningham, Bill Davidson, Tony Ferrari, Jan Bergman, [Chris Balfe]
  • Place Appraisal: Bill Egerton, [Peter Dye, Andy Price]
  • Sports & Recreation: Liz Brierley, Sue Higham, [Peter Dye]
  • Stage 1 Consultation Analysis (work completed): [Katrina Blee, Peter Dye, Bill Egerton, Keith Johnson, Colin Marsh]
  • Stage 2 Consultation Analsysis: to be determined
  • Transport: Sue Elgey, Mike Blee, Colin Marsh

If you would like to volunteer to join any of these Subgroups, please contact any Steering Group member.