The Sutton Poyntz Society was formed on 5th March 1968 by a group of residents who were concerned on the state of the pond and the village in general.

Notes on the formation of the Society are shown in Society History.

The early constitution agreed by this new Society has had minor changes over the years but it retains essentially the same intentions as the original.  The current Constitution can be seen at Society Constitution.

The basic aim of the Society is to protect and conserve this beautiful rural village at the edge of Weymouth under the hills of the Ridgeway.  A Planning Policy outlines the principles which the Society attempts to follow to satisfy these aims.  A major element in protecting and conserving the village and environs is involvement in the Planning process.

The routine of the Society is undertaken by an elected committee which is agreed at an AGM.  Members of the Society are kept aware of the activities of the Committee by circulation of regular Newsletters and any special meetings that may be deemed necessary.

New residents are provided with a small information "Welcome to the Village" leaflet and encouraged to join the Society.  The Society publishes a number of other Information Leaflets for the benefit of villagers.

The Society (and other village groups) arrange various Events throughout the year.