Submitting planning applications

We live in a Conservation area - many types of changes to properties need planning approval. These include, for example, the felling or maintenance of trees in the village. If in any doubt - ask the planning office; they can be very helpful.

The Sutton Poyntz Society is also very happy to provide advice to members, to help them understand how to make applications and also to give them early advice about relevant Society policy.

Note that most of Sutton Poyntz is in the Borough of Weymouth & Portland, but the top 8 houses are in West Dorset (a result of a re-drawing of local authority boundaries in the 1930's).

Getting information about planning applications

Planning applications are submitted to the relevant planning authorities. The village is divided between two planning authorities; information on Planning Applications are held in registers maintained by these planning authorities, and available on the web:-

Helpfully, the Weymouth and Portland web site has a separate list of very recent applications. Comments can be submitted to the Planning Office directly through the web site.

All residents with an interest in planning are recommended to review new plans and comment accordingly. They should not solely rely upon the view of the Society which may or may not be in agreement with their view. The Society will submit comments in accordance with their published policies.

Society comments on applications

The Sutton Poyntz Society has a policy of submitting comments on all planning applications that affect the village. To try to ensure an even-handed approach, it bases these comments strictly on its policies. To restate the broad objective of the Society, we "make every effort to maintain and improve upon the natural beauty of the village ...". To ensure objectivity in our assessment of planning applications, we always base our comments on a Society Planning Policy.

Important planning matters

The Sutton Poyntz Society will alert villagers to important planning matters, via our Newsletters and electronically here. The latest hot issue is a proposal expected soon to place 15 houses (including 5 affordable dwellings) in the field off Plaisters Lane, opposite Sutton Close and Sutton Court Lawns.

Some significant issues we have dealt with recently are:

  • An application by Waterside caravan park to fill their touring caravan/tent area with more or less permanent "tents".
  • Applications to upgrade several bridleways in the area to BOAT status (i.e. Byway Open to All Traffic) which would have allowed any traffic to use the Ridgeway track, including motor bikes and 4x4's.
  • Not strictly a planning matter, but in March 2013, the village and Society achieved a really good victory in saving the bus service into the village.
  • The part-time camping site in fields on Northdown Farm, using a farmer's right to a short term change of use of land each year.