In February 2015, the village received advance information about two forthcoming planning applications for a total of 15 houses, including 5 affordable houses, in the field on the east side of Plaisters Lane, more or less opposite Sutton Court Lawns.

The development agents have published a Dropbox link containing a set of drawings for the 15 houses, plus a Feedback Form; the Sutton Poyntz Society recommends that villagers await the formal planning application before making responses, rather than using the Feedback Form. The map below shows the proposed layout.

The Sutton Poyntz Society called a Village Meeting for the evening of 13th February, to allow Society members to express their views. This meeting was strongly opposed to the planned development, which was judged to offend against the Borough's Development Boundary as well as Borough and National policies relating to the Conservation Area and the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB). The Committee will now consider the plans at its next meeting on 19th February; there is still time to submit your comments to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. This is a significant development for the village, and will need very careful consideration by the Society and by the whole village.

Latest news.

The two Planning Applications were submitted on 26th March - they have application numbers WP/15/00081/FUL and WP/15/00088/FUL. Go to the Borough Councils planning database for more information. Responses must be submitted by 7th May.

The Sutton Poyntz Society will be submitting an objection, based on the conclusions of the village meeting and the Committee meeting. Ourmain objection will be on matters of principle, based on the fact that the proposed buildings are outside the development boundary, and will do visual damage to the AONB and Conservation Area. We will also object on other grounds, including the inappropriate style of the proposal. Our response is currently being worked on, but we when it is ready, are happy to pass it to members who are welcome to use it in submitting their own responses. Please contact us to request a copy.