We intend to publish here important documents from the Society's documentary archive; the documents themselves, from the Society foundation in 1968 up to about 2000, are held for us by the Dorset History Centre, with later documents in the care of Committee members.

Constitution and Policy documents

The Society's current Constitution and policy documents are published elsewhere, but here are some older versions of the Constitution and some retired Policies:

Minute Books

Minutes are available from February 1968 to the 2001 AGM. We apologise for the poor quality of some reproductions. In May 2015 the Committee agreed that Minutes from that date would be published - these can be found, along with the Agenda for the latest meeting, on the Society's Meetings page.

Minutes are also available on this website for the village's Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group.


The Society has published about 180 Newsletters, since the first in April 1968 soon after the Society's inauguration. We recently decided to make them all available on this website. Newsletters issued by the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group and the village's Biodiversity Group are also published on this website. The Biodiversity Group has also published various other Reports.


Here are a few miscellaneous old documents:

  • 1971 - A report commissioned with an architect's concept for the Old Bincombe Lane development;
  • 1982 - Letter with the Society's original 1974 Conservation Area Policy;
  • 1984 - Minutes of two Committee meetings relating to the Conservation Policy;
  • 1992 - Letter outlining the achievements of the Society.