The Sutton Poyntz Society was formed in 1968, by a group of residents who were concerned over the condition of the pond and the village generally.

Informal meetings were held at 3 Silver Street on 4th February 1968 and 11th February 1968.


The key driving forces behind the Society were Joyce Litschi and Joy Shires.

The original members, listed from left to right
Ernest Saunders, ?, Joyce Litschi, ?, ?, ?, Joy Shires, Fredi Litschi, Norman Brown, George Shires



The first calling Notice was as follows:-

Sutton Poyntz Society - Proposed

Are you concerned about the pond?

Do you care for the village?

You are invited to attend an inaugural meeting to be held at the Mission Hall, Sutton Poyntz at 7.30 p.m on Tuesday 5th March 1968. Mr W. Stuart Best, Chairman of the Dorset Branch of the Council for the Preservation of Rural England and Mr. Ricketts of the Weymouth Civic Society will address the meeting.

The broad aims of the Society will be:-

"To make every effort to maintain and improve upon the natural beauty of the village and to liaise with the Council for the Preservation of Rural England and with the Weymouth Civic Society, in an effort to protect the area from unnecessary and ugly development."

All residents of Sutton Poyntz and any persons living beyond who care for the village are asked to support this cause. Osmington has a thriving Society and are now working to preserve and improve the charm of their village.

So could we!

The formal Inaugural Meeting was held in the Mission Hall on 5th March 1968, attended by over 50 villagers, plus two guest speakers (Eric Ricketts representing the Weymouth Civic Society, and Col. Wordsworth represented CPRE) and members of the press. This meeting was chaired by Mr L Samphier, who was elected as the Society's founding Chairman. The meeting agreed unanimously to the formation of the Society (the name was debated, and Sutton Poyntz Society was preferred to Sutton Poyntz Presevation Society). The meeting went on to elect Officers and a Committee, and agreed a subscription of 10/- per household. Other topics discussed included the state of the pond, overhead electricity and telephone wires, materials used in new houses, litter, and the location of the boundary between Sutton Poyntz and Preston.

And so the Sutton Poyntz Society was formed, on the 5th March 1968