A number of houses in the village, particularly up Plaisters Lane, have names but not house numbers, so are hard to find for people not familiar with the village. Indeed sometimes they are hard to find even by people that have lived in the village for years, especially when owners decide to change their house name (but please don't think I want to discourage that).

So the following is an alphabetical list of house names, showing the street they are in (and the street number if there is one), and giving a link to a map that includes the house in question. For convenience we have included houses all along Sutton Road and Puddledock Lane, even when their postal address is Preston rather than Sutton Road.

Note that we have adopted the same rules for alphabetical order as in the Telephone Books (ignore "The" for the purposes of ordering names, "St." goes where "Saint" would be, a short word goes before a longer word that starts the same so for example "Bramble Patch" appears before "Bramblebank").

Householders - please contact me if I have your house name wrong or have missed your house name.

House name Address   House name Address
Albert Cottage Silver Street   Amberwell Plaisters Lane
Ambleside Plaisters Lane   Amenbury Plaisters Lane
Apple Tree Cottage Sutton Road   Bakery Cottage Sutton Road
Barleycorn Cottage Puddledock Lane   Bellamy Cottage 89 Sutton Road
Birch Warren Plaisters Lane   Blue Shutters Silver Street
Bluebell Cottage Mission Hall Lane   Box Tree Cottage 1 Sutton Road
Bramble Patch Plaisters Lane   Bramblebank Puddledock Lane
Briarwood Puddledock Lane   Brookfield White Horse Lane
Budmouth Cottage 119 Sutton Road   Camelot Sutton Road
The Cart Shed Sutton Road   Cartref Mission Hall Lane
Cherry Tree Cottage Sutton Road   Chipps Cottage Puddledock Lane
Church Cottage Mission Hall Lane   Clyffe Cottage Plaisters Lane
The Coach House 4 Brookmead Close   Coach House 9a Sutton Road
Cob Cottage White Horse Lane   Cobweb Cottage White Horse Lane
Copperfields Plaisters Lane   Cork Hill Plaisters Lane
Corner Cottage Plaisters Lane   The Cottage Puddledock Lane
The Court House Sutton Road   Dell Cottage Plaisters Lane
The Dolphins Plaisters Lane   Dunelm Puddledock Lane
East Brookmead 1 Brookmead Close   Ebenezer Cottage Silver Street
Evangelical Church Sutton Road   Felix House Plaisters Lane
Fellside Plaisters Lane   Fourgals Plaisters Lane
Fox Cottage Mission Hall Lane   Foxgloves 83a Sutton Road
Fuschia Cottage Mission Hall Lane   Garland House Sutton Road
Gershom Puddledock Lane   Greendown Plaisters Lane
Greenhills Sutton Road   Greenwood House Plaisters Lane
Hampton Lodge Plaisters Lane   Harwin Mission Hall Lane
Hideaway Cottage 117 Sutton Road   Hillside Plaisters Lane
Hillview Plaisters Lane   Hunt's Yard White Horse Lane
Inmosthay Mission Hall Lane   Jumble Cottage 69 Sutton Road
Keston Plaisters Lane   Koerbecke Puddledock Lane
Larachbeg Puddledock Lane   Laurel Cottage Silver Street
Limoncello Plaisters Lane   Little Acorns Puddledock Lane
Littlecot Plaisters Lane   Longmead Plaisters Lane
The Lookout Plaisters Lane   Loveday House Plaisters Lane
Malt Cottages (1 to 8) Puddledock Lane   Malt Villa Puddledock Lane
Matina 83b Sutton Road   Meadow View Plaisters Lane
The Mill House Sutton Road   Millstream 99 Sutton Road
Mission Hall Mission Hall Lane   Mission View Mission Hall Lane
Morlands Plaisters Lane   Mullions Plaisters Lane
Myrtle Cottages (1 & 2) Mission Hall Lane   Northdown Farmhouse 106 Sutton Road
Number 3 Silver Street   The Old Bakehouse Sutton Road
Old Chapel 11 Sutton Road   The Old Coachhouse 114 Sutton Road
The Old Dairyhouse Puddledock Lane   Old Orchard Plaisters Lane
Old Police House 55 Sutton Road   Old Rectory 5 Sutton Road
Orchard View Mission Hall Lane   Overcombe Barn 100 Sutton Road
Overdale Plaisters Lane   Peverill Plaisters Lane
Pilgrim Cottage Plaisters Lane   Poyntz Cottage Plaisters Lane
Prospect Cottage Plaisters Lane   Prospect House Plaisters Lane
Puddle Cottage Puddledock Lane   Puddledock Cottages (1 to 4) Puddledock Lane
The Puddledocks (1 to 5) Puddledock Lane   Pumping Station Sutton Road
Purbeck Lodge Plaisters Lane   Quackers 113 Sutton Road
Rambledene Puddledock Lane   The Rest Silver Street
Riduna Plaisters Lane   Rip Van Winkle Mission Hall Lane
Riverbank 105 Sutton Road   Riverside 103 Sutton Road
Rose Cottage Mission Hall Lane   Rose Cottage Silver Street
Russet Cottage Plaisters Lane   St Andrews Cottage 7 Sutton Road
St Briavels Silver Street   St Francis 85 Sutton Road
Scutt Memorial Hall Sutton Road   Selwyns Puddledock Lane
Smithy Cottage Plaisters Lane   Smokey Hollow Plaisters Lane
South Ridge Plaisters Lane   South View Mission Hall Lane
Southdene Puddledock Lane   Southdown Cottage Plaisters Lane
Spindles Puddledock Lane   Spinneys Plaisters Lane
Springbank Plaisters Lane   Springfield Cottage Mission Hall Lane
The Springhead Sutton Road   Springside Plaisters Lane
Staddles Plaisters Lane   Stonebrook 3 Brookmead Close
Streamside 115 Sutton Road   Sunnyside Cottages (2, 4, 6) Sutton Road
Sutton Farm Puddledock Lane   Sutton House Puddledock Lane
Sutton Lodge 4 Cornhill Way   Sutton Mill Sutton Road
Talbothays Puddledock Lane   Tanglewood Plaisters Lane
Tanzy Hollow Puddledock Lane   Tasman Plaisters Lane
Timberline Plaisters Lane   True Blu Plaisters Lane
Upwater Barn Sutton Road   Valley Cottage Plaisters Lane
Vindelis 66 Sutton Road   The Warren Plaisters Lane
Waterford House Plaisters Lane   Waterworks Cottages (1 & 2) Sutton Road
West Brookmead 2 Brookmead Close   Wheatsheaf Old Bakery Puddledock Lane
White Horse Cottage White Horse Lane   Whitestones Plaisters Lane
Willow Cottage 111 Sutton Road   Willowdene Plaisters Lane
The Willows 68 Sutton Road   Woodlands Plaisters Lane
Wyndings Plaisters Lane