Since 2005, Sutton Poyntz has held a lighthearted Vegetable Show each year, in July. Proceeds, along with those from the Scarecrow competition, are donated to Waves, a childrens' charity based in Weymouth.

The highlight of the event is the judging of the Spud in a Tub competition, for the Des Evans trophy. Grow the heaviest weight of potatoes possible in a single bucket, from a single seed potato!

Since 2016, we have held this event in the Mission Hall.

Results and Winners

Along with the Scarecrow Competition, a total of £300 was donated to Waves in 2011. Because of the very poor growing season and competition from the Olympics, 2012 was less successful, with a bit over £200 raised for Waves. Nevertheless, the event was much enjoyed by everyone. In 2014, the Vegetable Show made £105, which, with the Scarecrow Competition, allowed us to donate just over £350 to Waves. Outstanding. No Scarecrows in 2015 or in 2016, so our donation was around £100. Neither event was held in 2020.


Here are the results for recent years (scroll the table across for older years):

  2021 2019 2018 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011
Des Evans Trophy for 'Spud-in-a-Tub' competition Margaret Sykes (2.23 kg) Joyce Faraday (2.06 kg) Loop Walsh (2.36 kg) Tony & Anthea Heathershaw (1.35 kg) Loop Walsh Tony & Anthea Heathershaw
(1.76 kg)
Jane Walsh Jane Walsh Tony & Anthea Heathershaw Paul Nicholson
Longest runner bean Wendy Langridge Bill Egerton (42.2 cm) Bill Egerton Tony Heathershaw Dave Caddy Dave Caddy
(47.1 cm)
Dave Caddy Dave Caddy Jane Walsh Bill Egerton
Longest cucumber Mike Haine Ian Locke (32.2 cm) Tony Ferrari Dave Langridge Tony Ferrari Dot Emblen
(43.6 cm)
Ian Locke Ian Locke Pul Nicholson Paul Nicholson
Heaviest marrow   Tony Ferrari (> 5kg) Tony Ferrari Tony Ferrari Tony Ferrari Peter Riley
(.76 kg)
no entry   John Hackford Paul Nicholson
Selection of herbs Brenda Pennington Mike Dodd Ros Evans Liz Bell Chris Balfe Chris Balfe Diane Senior Elise Potter Brenda Pennington Caroline Crisp
3 carrots Mike Haine Dave Caddy Elise Potter Sarah Ayling Bill Egerton Mike Haine Elise Potter Donald Pennington Mike Haine Paul Nicholson
3 tomatoes Wendy Langridge Joyce Faraday Ian Locke Ros Evans Jane Walsh Joyce Faraday Dave Carry Dave Caddy Peter Sheaves Peter Sheaves
Single lettuce   Bill Egerton Bill Egerton Colin Marsh Ian Locke Bill Egerton Ros Evans Dot Emblen Peter Sheaves Peter Sheaves
3 courgettes Hilary Davidson Bill Egerton Caroline Crisp Mike Haine Dot Emblen John Sutherland Mike Haine Dot Emblen Peter Sheaves Dot Emblen
3 beans Duncan Sleightholme Dave Caddy Bill Egerton Ros Evans Mike Haine John Newbould Joyce Faraday Joyce Faraday Donald Pennington Brenda Pennington
3 members of the allium family Sue Pether Erica Ferrari                
5 soft fruit Wendy Langridge Tony Ferrari Erica Ferrari Dave Langridge Julie Caswell Ros Evans & Jane Walsh (tied) Jane Walsh Bill Egerton Jane Walsh Dave Caddy
Anything grown in the greenhouse   Dave Caddy Erica Ferrari Poppy Cantrill Erika Ferrari Ivy Sutherland Jane Walsh Dave Caddy Paul Nicholson Richard Porter
Any vegetable not listed above Sue Pether Erica Ferrari Erica Ferrari Dave Caddy Erika Ferrari Dot Emblen Elise Potter Louise Sheaves Richard Porter Mike Haine
Funny-shaped vegetable or fruit Wendy Langridge Mike Dodd                
A bunch of flowers Sue Legg Pat Haine Caroline Crisp Pat Haine Pat Haine Ros Evans Pat Haine Mike Haine Dot Emblen Caroline Crisp
A bunch of different leaves Emma Mathews Erica Ferrari Dot Emblen Erica Ferrari Ros Evans Ros Evans Caroline Crisp Ros Evans Bill Egerton Pat Bellis
3 eggs   Erica Ferrari                

Well done, everyone, and thanks to all, competitors and 'judges' alike.