When this website was first created, we use an excellent Joomla extension called GoogleMaps to give access to the maps on our site. The Dutch author of this extension, Mike Reumer, had provided good documentation and a number of demonstrations, and the extension gave us all the functionality we wanted. However, Mike has retired and his GoogleMaps plugin is no longer supported. We had, therefore, to find another extension to give the same functionality. This proved difficult, and the change necessitated a very different approach to the creation of maps. However, an extension called GMapFP, written by and for a town municipality in France, eventually proved capable of giving us all the functionality we needed.

GoogleMaps allowed data files of a standard format (KML) to be created containing geographical markers (points, lines, shapes, and even images) that were then displayed automatically. The concept of GMapFP is very different, and each marker needs to be defined individually as a Place; Places can be grouped into Categories. The format of these markers is special to GMapFP, so unlike the KML files the places cannot be displayed in other mapping software such as Google Earth.

There are two ways in which a map can be displayed in a page using GMapFP:

  • Using a {gmapfp} tag in an ordinary webpage article. This can provide most of the functionality needed, but does not allow a list of Places to be displayed alongside the map;
  • Using a special GMapFP "article" which can be linked to a menu item. This allows a list of Places to be displayed with the map, but requires a Personalisation to be defined if more than just the map and/or Place List is wanted.

More detailed guidance is available as follows: