If a List of displayed Places is wanted along with the map itself, then the normal {gmapfp} tag method is not a solution. A special GMapFP Article needs to be created, and linked to a Menu Item. This is done as follows:

  • Select Main Menu in the Menus drop-down list, and select or create the item that is going to display the map;
  • In Menu Item Type select GMapFP Article, and then Display the map + listing of places (this generates a map that displays the map and also a list of the places displayed);
  • In the Global tab, select a Personalisation (if required - see below), choose where the map should be displayed relative to the Place list (side-by-side is usualy good), choose whether the place names in the list should also have markers, and set the width and number of columns of the place list (100% and 1 is usually good);
  • In the Categories tab, set the Category of Places to be displayed (see below) and whether to display sub-categories;
  • In the Options tab, specify the order in which to list the Places (alphabetical, or in the order the Places have been created), specify a KML file to be displayed (if required), and choose if you want to display directions and/or a Place filter;
  • In the Page Display tab, set Show Page Headings to Yes, and specifiy a suitable Page Heading;
  • Click Save & Close.

Without a Personalisation, only the map and the List of Places are displayed. A Personalisation allows additional text (including images, tables, links etc.) to be displayed before and after the map.