Maps can be displayed, optionally along with lists of the Places displayed, by  associating a menu item direct with the map. So that other the map can be displayed along with other material (text and/or images), it is possible to define a Personalisation that defines the other material. Please note that this other material will not be visible to, for example, a Search.

Specify a Personalisation as follows:

  • In the Components menu, click GMapFP, then click Personalization.
  • Click New.
  • Give the Personalisation a Name.
  • Type the text to be displayed before the map, and text to be displayed after the map. This can be formatted just like any Article, and can include images, tables, links, etc.
  • There are boxes for text before and after the Place (or Place List), but I have not been able to get these to work.
  • Set Published to Yes.
  • Click Save & Close