You can provide links in your web pages to documents (for example PDF), that visitors to the site can then open and view. These might include such things as newsletters and leaflets, accounts and annual reports, village planning documents, presentation material - documents you have written anyway and want to make available as easily as possible. You can do this as follows:

  • First, create the text and/or image on your page that will be the link to the document. The text should be descriptive - something like "Annual Report 2010". You could also include an icon - a small image illustrative of the type of document. A number of suitable icons are available via the Image button in the Editor Toolbar, held in the template/File_icons subfolder;
  • Now, select the text and/or image that you want to link to the document, and click the Document button in the Editor Toolbar;
  • You will see a File Browser window, showing the folders containing images and documents used in the website;
  • In the folder tree, navigate to the sub-folder where you wish to save the audio file (or where it has already been saved).
  • It is not possible to create a new sub-folder from here. If you need to create one, you must exit the Article Editor (saving your work if necessary), and then go to the Media Manager;
  • If you need to upload the document from your own  computer to the Sutton Poyntz server:
    • Click the Browse button at the bottom of the File Browser window;
    • Find and select the file on your own computer. Click the OK button
    • Click the Start upload button to upload the file to the server. After a short pause, you will see the file listed;
  • Click on the required document name;
  • If you want the file to open in a new window, set Target to Open in new Window;
  • If you want, add text in the Title box - this will appear as a tooltip when the website user hovers over the link;
  • Click the Insert button.

The Media Manager can be used to view and control the documents that are stored on the website's Server.