Support for Flash animation has been withdrawn. Use video via YouTube instead.


To insert a Flash animation into your page, use the Flash button in the Editor Toolbar. This allows you to upload the animation from your own computer, and then to insert it into your page and format it. You can use the same button to change the format of an animation that is already in your web page.

The sequence of operations is much the same as for still images.

  • Move to the place in the page where you want to insert the Flash animation;
  • Click the Flash button. This takes you into the Flash properties window;
  • Select the flash file
    • You can either enter the location for a flash file direct into the URL box, or click Browse server in order to select the folder and then the flash file;
    • Click on the up arrow if you want to go back one level in the folder tree;
    • If you want to create a new folder, navigate to where you want the new folder to reside, click the Create New Folder button, give a suitable name to the new folder, and click the OK button;
  • If necessary, upload the animation
    • If the animation is not already on the server, you need to upload it;
    • Navigate to the right folder on the server (as above);
    • Click the Browse button; this opens a folder view of your own computer;
    • Navigate to the folder on your own computer where the animation is;
    • Click the .SWF Flash animation file, and click the OK button;
    • Click the Upload button. After a pause, the animation file will now appear in the server folder;
  • Select the animation you want to insert
    • Click on the name of the animation that you want to insert into your web page;
    • This takes you back to the main Flash Properties window;
  • Format the animation
    • Picture size - you can change the animation's size on the screen to something smaller or larger than the original - making it larger will obviously affect the picture quality. Type some different value in Width and/or Height.
    • Auto-Play - In the Properties tab of the Flash Properties window, you can choose whether the animation will play automatically, and whether it will loop;
    • Alignment - Also in the Properties tab, you can set the alignment as for still images, to determine where the flash image will appear on the page and in relation to text.
  • Insert the picture
    • Click the OK button.