The Media Manager allows you to view and control the images and documents held in the Server's "images" folder (we have chosen to keep all these files in the same area). To access the Media Manager, select Media Manager in the Content drop-down menu.

When you enter the Media Manager, you will be presented with a list of sub-folders in the "images" folder, and also a list of files and folders in the currently selected folder - the figure below is an illustration:

Most of our files (both imagery and documents) are held in suitably named sub-folders, arranged by subject area (biodiversity, history, events_and_venues, etc.). Other images that may be useful are in the "template/File_icons" sub-folder, which contains icons for a number of file types (.doc, .jpg, etc.). KML files used for displaying local information on maps are held in the "Maps/kmlmaps" sub-folder.

You can create a new sub-folder to the folder you are currently viewing by clicking the Create New Folder button.

Once you have arrived at the folder you are interested in, you can upload new files to the folder by clicking the Upload button. Click Browse and search on your own computer for the file you want to upload. When you have selected the file, you can click the Start upload button to send the file to the Server.

If you make a mistake, you can delete a file by selecting it and clicking the Delete button. PLEASE do not delete files that are actually used on the website - if you do, contact a Site Administrator who should be able to recover the file from a backup.