It is possible to store an audio file [see Footnote] in the website's Images folder, and then to create a link (here is an example) which plays the audio when clicked.

In the page where you want the link:

  • Select the text you want to link to the audio file, and click the Document button;
  • You will see a File Browser window, showing the folders containing images and documents used in the website;
  • In the folder tree, navigate to the sub-folder where you wish to place the audio file (or where you already have placed it);
  • It is not possible to create a new sub-folder from here. If you want one, you need to exit the Article Editor (saving changes you have already made) and go to the Media Manager to do so;
  • If you have not already put the file on the server, you now need to click the Browse button at the bottom of the File Browser window, in order to find the audio file on your own computer. Select the file, and then click the Start upload button, waiting until the file has been uploaded;
  • You can now select the audio file by clicking on it, and create a link to it by clicking the Insert button.


Footnote: The choice of audio file type depends on the audio capabilities of readers' browsers; WAV is a safe choice but not compact, WMA is not supported on Apple systems. MP3 is a good choice for compactness and widespread support.