To create a link from your page to a page in another website:

  • First, select the text and/or image that you want to be clickable to link to the destination - text should be descriptive of where the link goes to; for example "Waterworks Museum";
  • Click the Link button in the Editor Toolbar. A Link control window will be displayed (shown to the right). This allows you either to find a page on the Sutton Poyntz website or to enter the address of a page on another site;
  • Insert the link address into the URL box. The easiest way of getting the address is by finding and loading the page in another browser window, and copying the address from the address field at the top of the browser;
  • Optionally, you can enter text into the Title box - this will appear as a tooltip when the user hovers over the link;
  • Click the Target tag, and set Target to New Window. This will cause the other page to open in a new browser window. Your page will therefore not be overwritten;
  • Click the OK button.