You can change the formatting of an individual cell in a table:

  • Right-click the mouse inside the cell you wish to format, and select Cell Properties (via the Cell menu item).
  • A Cell Properties window will appear (illustrated here), whch allows you to set the properties of the selected cell;
  • You can set the cell width, in pixels or as a percentage of the table width. Normally, columns in a table have their widths auto-adjusted - setting the width disables this automatic setting and applies the defined width to the whole column;
  • You can set the cell's height, in pixels. This applies to the whole row;
  • Setting a cell's row or column span increases the size of the cell, horizontally or vertically, pushing other cells across or down;
  • You can set the interior colour of cells. This should only be altered in text boxes, not multi-cell tables (the coloured cell below is only for illustration of the capability);
  • We do not recommend that the border colour should be changed from black (the cell below is just as illustration). The cell border is not the same as the border of the table, whose colour does not seem to be settable via the editor;
  • You can set the alignment for the cell's contents, both horizontally and vertically, as illustrated below.


  Left alignment
with red border
Right alignment Centre alignment
Top alignment Middle alignment
Bottom alignment Baseline alignment