You can change the formatting of a complete table at any time by pointing to any cell in the table, right-clicking the mouse, and selecting Table Properties. This displays a control window (illustrated here) which allows you to alter many of the parameters that could be set when the table was created:

  • The table's width (in pixels or as a percentage of the window width) and height. The width must not be greater than 700 pixels;
  • The table's alignment (left, centre or right);
  • The border size and cell spacing (remember that padding has no effect).

A table, or text box, can be given a caption; the default (defined by HTML) is for the caption to appear centre-justified just above the table.

By going to the Advanced tab, you can either enter or remove the word "reducedfont" in the Stylesheet Classes box in order to use or not use the smaller font available for tables. It is probably easier to do this simply by clicking anywhere in the table and using the Styles button to select the "reducedfont" style.


See the guidance on creating a table for further details.