The website is divided into a number of sub-sites (village maps, events & venues, etc.), each distinguished by its own Watermark image displayed as background.

If a new top-level sub-site is to be created, the following steps must be taken:

  • Create the webpages, and the menu entries for the new webpages;
  • Edit templateDetails.xml (see above) to add a new section entry for the new sub-site;
  • Create a new bkg_xxx.css file, where xxx is the short name for the new section in templateDetails.xml. This can be done by going to the css folder and using the New button. Copy the code from one of the existing bkg_xxx.css files, and modify the new CSS file to reference the Watermark image you want to use for this section;
  • In the Styles tab of the Template Manager, create a new style, spatomic_xxx. This is most conveniently done by selecting an existing style and using the Duplicate button. Link this new style to the section you have just created in templateDetails.xml, and also to all the pages that are to use the new style.