I cannot add an image to a page

For reasons that we do not understand, the Image button does not work when you are writing a Calendar entry. We have tried and failed to find the reason. The rather clanky solution is:

  • create or open an ordinary Article page;
  • use the Image button to insert the required image in that page;
  • Cut of Copy the image;
  • now return to the Calendar entry, and use the Paste command to insert the image.
How do I set the size of an image?

The image has corner handles (black dots displayed when you hover over the image's border) which can be used to re-size the image. This allows you to set the width and height to some absolute value of your choice.

There is unfortunately no easy way of setting an image's size to a fixed percentage of the window. This can be done via HTML:

  • click the Source button to display the HTML;
  • find the <img> code for the image;
  • within the <img> tag, add e.g. style="width:50%", for example after alt="".

I am trying to create a link to another page in the Sutton Poyntz website, but can't find it in the list of pages

Probably, this means that the page has not yet been added to the site's Main Menu. This is a job that can only be done by a Site Administrator

I expected a menu to appear at the top of a page, but it is missing.

This is also a job for a Site Administrator, who needs to allocate the required Top Menu to the page's entry in the Main Menu
A page appears without a Watermark image behind the text, or with the wrong Watermark image Similarly, only a Site Administrator can perform the task of allocating a Watermark image (by means of a variant of the site's page template) to a page