Typing text

To insert text into a page, click the page's name in the Article Manager in order to open the page in the Article Editor. Text can then be entered in the Text Entry window.

Use the mouse cursor to click at the point where you wish to add text. You can also use the arrow keys and the Home and End keys to navigate through the text in your page.

Type text using the keyboard; other symbols can be added by clicking the Insert Special Character button.

The Enter key inserts a new paragraph, with standard paragraph spacing. Pressing SHIFT-ENTER will start a new line with no inter-paragraph spacing. It is not possible to enter a Tab character, which has no meaning in HTML.

Find and Replace

The Find and Replace keys work as you might expect: Find allows you to search quickly through the page for a specified piece of text, while Replace allows you to find instances of some piece of text, and replace it with an alternative string.

Pasting text

Use the Delete and Backspace key to delete characters. You can use the CutCopy and Paste buttons (or the equivalent key operations, CTRL-XCTRL-C and CTRL-V) to cut/copy and paste text, including to paste text copied in from other applications (Word, for example). The Article Editor provides two additional paste buttons for pasting in from Word and other applications:

  • Paste as plain text pastes text without any embedded formatting;
  • Paste from Word pastes text copied from Word with a 'best attempt' to emulate the Word formatting (this should be used with caution, firstly because Word has many formatting features that are not available in webpages, and secondly because you can achieve formatting that does not match the website's Style Guide).

Click here for guidance on how to format text.

Spell checking

One of the buttons in the Editor Toolbar relates to spell-checking your Article. It provides a drop-down menu with two options; one to carry out a one-off spell-check on the whole page; the other to enable a spell-checker that works as you enter text. You should make sure the spell-checker's dictionary is set to British English.