To open an existing page to alter its contents, you need to go to the Article Manager: this is accessed by selecting Articles in the Content menu.

The Article Manager, looks like this:

The Article Manager initially displays a (long) list containing all the articles in the site. To help you find the Article you want to edit, you can type all or part of the article's title in the Seach box and click the Search button to the right of the box. You can do a more comprehensive filter using the Search tools button. This allows you to select, for example, a single Category to be listed, or yourself as Author.

Now click the name of the Article you want to edit. This takes you into the Article Editor, where you can edit the contents, adding text and/or images/documents.

Saving your work

  • You can click the Save button at any time to save the edits you have done so far. You will remain in the Article Editor, allowing you to continue editing.
  • When you have finished, click the Save & Close button to save the edited contents and exit the editor.
  • Clicking the Close button will exit the editor without saving the changes.

The Save as Copy button saves the edited article as a completely new article (preserving the article you were editing from). Save & New allows you to save the article you are currently working on, but stay in the Article Editor in order to start a completely new Article.