Bold, Italic and Underline: Buttons in the Editor Toolbar allow you to display text in bolditalics, or underlined, or in combinations. You can also use the CTRL-BCTRL-I and CTRL-U keys.

Another button in the Toolbar allows you to show text as strikethrough. Do not use this button without very strong justification.

Subscript and Superscript: Buttons in the Editor Toolbar allow you to insert subscripted and superscripted text. These can be useful in scientific notation - for example CO2 or E=m.c2.

Superscripts can also be used for footnote or reference numbers[2] . See the guidance on footnotes and References.

Removing formatting: To remove existing formatting (bold, italics, etc.) you can either select the formatted text and unclick the appropriate formatting button, or select some text and use the Remove format button in the Editor Toolbar. This will remove any character formtting in the selected block of text.