Indentation can be used to highlight sections of text.

This text has been indented one tab stop to the right, by a single click of the Increase Indent button. Use the Increase Indent and Decrease Indent button to move a paragraph or set of paragraphs right and left by one tab stop each click.

Indentation is also useful for creating lists within lists, as follows:

  1. Here is a numbered list
  2. Second entry
    1. Hit the Increase Indent button to create a second level of list.
    2. See the guidance on lists for more information.
  3. Click the Decrease Indent button to go back to the first level. Note that the numbering is handled automatically.


Justification: Most text should be left justified. This is the default setting.

Other justification settings can be set using the other buttons in the Editor Toolbar.

Centre justification may be used to highlight single lines of text,
or for alignment of material in tables.
Click the Centre Justify button

Blocks of text can be right justified - this can
be particularly useful in tables, for alignment
purposes (particularly with columns of numbers).
Click the Right Justify button.

Block Justify (with both the left and right edges of the text aligned) has not been provided, as the effect can be different in different browsers.